Baby shoot II, first mountain arriving in Sweden and new products in stock!

Baby shoot II


Some time ago I had my second baby shoot! This time I got the opportunity to capture this little baby girl Evi. She and her parents were so wonderful! Weather was perfect, both the baby and her Papa and Mama felt good and their home felt like one bundle of happiness. I think it's very special to be the one who gets to capture those first moments a family has together. Secretly I'm really eager to be a Mom myself- there's just something so special about actually creating a human being with someone you love, right? Plus it has to be the biggest love I would have ever felt for anyone in the world. Although I can't really imagine this now, I think one of my biggest goals (it may sound goofy) is to just have one happy family, with kids that are loved and have a safe and happy home, and a husband that I love and that loves me back. I probably still romanticise the whole thing in my head- but whatever. That's why I love capturing these families. Seeing them completely and utterly in love with the child they made and they seem so proud of each other. It's simply the best (Tina Turner entrance). 


Next week there's another shoot planned, with a wild and running toddler in the woods this time. So excited!

Also, there are some new items added to the shop. The music mountains are now available in brown, light grey and dark grey, and next to that, soft polar bears and crunchy birdies have joined the family! All waiting for you in the shop on Etsy. I also got to send one music mountain in dark grey to a baby boy in Sweden. I love the picture his Mama send to me! 


Baby shoot & music mountains

As said, a little while ago I had my first babyshoot with the cutest little newborn Juul and his big sister Lily. It was pretty hard capturing a running around two-year-old with a manual focus lens, but luckily I got both brother and sister in front of the camera. The little one wasn't a problem at all- he was just fine laying down and just, well, staring at a random object or wall (while looking very cute). I'd love to do this kind of shoot again- if you are interested in me photographing your baby, children or even yourself, head out to contact & bookings and send me a message.


I also finished the designs for the music mountains! They are now available in our shop in grey and brown, and both contain a music box playing Brahms melody. Perfect for helping your little one relax or fall asleep :-). Every mountain will be made to order. 


Giveaway, beach day & leggings (and a very first baby shoot!)

The last few weeks I had lots of time to think of new prints and products to make. First of all I made a few new knotted hats in black, white, blue and (my favourite) a birds pattern. Love these things! I also keep them in a box with a scented sachet so they smell super good. 


As I really want to make new things and expand this studio, I tried out making a little harem pants in grey velours. I'm not sure this one will fit over a babies diaper, but I'm planning on making it perfect soon enough!


And last but not least- I had my first giveaway ever on Facebook and made one mama-to-be very very very happy with a baby hat of her choice. On Sunday the weather was so warm that my love took me to the beach- which is excellent to take a few pictures.


And kind of big news: I have my very first official newborn baby shoot on Friday! Love these days. 


In love with fabric, plants & Studio Fernweh

Last week I went on a pattern hunt and found some knit fabric in black & white. I made these into soft knotted baby hats, which are now available in our shop. I also ordered these incredible fabrics online and they appeared to be the softest ever. The top ones, blue stripes and yellow dotted, are organic, so they absolutely are the best. I love all of the new patterns and can't wait to see them in blankies and baby hats. 

Studio Fernweh

This week I got a visit from my dear friend and fellow photographer Lynn, owner of Studio Fernweh. Luckily, she helped me take care of my plants, which I was apparently slowly killing. She got all of the dust off (turns out plants do not like dust) and I really think my greenery is actually a lot happier in our home now. And plants aren't the only thing she's good at: her work is wonderfully light, and so so so clean. She also offers shoots, so go check out Studio Fernweh right here


Baby showers, knots & music mountains

The last couple of weeks we were busy coming up with new products to make. We started on a new version of the music mountains- made it a lot smaller and instead of felt we used super soft cotton. Inside a music box playing Brahms melody, a well known sleeping song. Also, I decided on trying out little knotted baby hats and bear softies, which will all be available on Etsy soon. 

One week earlier I shot a few photos at a friends babyshower. The shower was a total surprise for her and brought a lot of smiles that day. She is due in may and still doesn't know whether the baby is a boy or a girl, so the mint coloured baby blankie seemed like an appropriate gift :-). Underneath a few photos of that day- I'd really love to do more of these!